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What is a Will and What is its Importance?

What is a Will and What is its Importance?

Many people are uncomfortable thinking about what life would be like after their passing so they do not plan accordingly. Creating a will is one of the most important things you can do for those you love. It will ease their transition and you will have peace of mind knowing that everything you have worked hard for will go to the loved ones you specify.
Here are a few things to know about a will.
·     A will is typically called a last will and testament.

·     A will is a legal document that after your passing expresses what your last wishes are for your property and its distribution.

·     If you have minor children, it also expresses who should care for them.

·     If a will is not completed, a probate court gets involved and completes the division of the estate.  Your property will be settled according to Texas law.

·     A will can be written for anyone over the age of 18 (or an emancipated minor)

·     You must be of sound mind, which means that you understand the meaning of a will and what it entails.

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