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Shopping...Be Ready to Show Your ID

Shopping...Be Ready to Show Your ID

Do you always carry a government-issued photo ID with you? You should always carry a valid driver’s license, or other form of identification, with you if you are driving or for emergency purposes. But what about carrying an ID with you when you are out shopping?

 True, it is normal for some retailers to ask for your ID when making a purchase. However, a new law that took effect in 2018 will allow for retailers to reject sales to any shoppers that cannot or will not show their photo ID.

This will be not only to protect you from fraudulent charges on your account, but will also protect big companies that have had security breaches in the past. Providing a photo ID that matches your card information will give merchants an extra opportunity to minimize fraudulent charges when fake debit and credit cards are on the rise.

Laws are constantly being created or amended. It is important to stay up to date and be aware of new laws being passed, so that you can be prepared for any situation. 

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